5 SEP 2023

RWN Student wins ALW Scholarship

After leaving school at 17 and getting a job in the construction industry Darren was struck down with a back injury some years later. This encouraged him to think about what he’d like to do in the future and decided to study C4 Community Services at NMTAFE. This eventually led him to being a support worker and then to study at university. As TAFE studies required computer and study skills, Darren tried many avenues to get the support required and finally found Read Write Now by calling their hotline at 1800 018 802.  RWN Tutor, Sheree, readily provided hands-on and disciplined support which has taken place weekly since early 2020.

To begin with, Darren learnt the intricacies of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and keyboard skills to help with writing assignments, delivering presentations and writing workplace notes. He then progressed his passion for counselling by applying to university and committing to undergraduate studies. This demonstrates Darren and Sheree’s mutual advocacy of lifelong learning and the commitment of the Read Write Now community who assists learners to formulate and achieve learning goals. The scholarship will help Darren to fully immerse himself in continued learning and for Sheree to bask in her student’s success.


Many thanks Adult Learning Australia for providing the scholarship and their acknowledgement of adult learners.
Read Darren’s full story here 

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