21 MAY 2024

National Volunteer Week

It is National Volunteerw Week and it’s time to celebrate our amazing, dedicated Read Write Now volunteer tutors, who give their time and energy to make a change in our community.

Whether it is through one-on-one tutoring at a public library or through valuable classroom assistance such as at the Midland Youth Hub, our volunteers are an important part of Western Australia's adult literacy scene.

NMTAFE - Youth Hub
At the Swan City Youth Service, North Metropolitan TAFE provides a high-quality education programme for disengaged youth from the Midland area.

These students come from a variety of backgrounds and start the course with a wide range of educational challenges. To support these students, we have 7 volunteer tutors from Read Write Now that help out as well as other volunteers. We could not run this programme without the amazing efforts of the Read Write Now volunteers. Read more




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