Swan City Youth Service

Swan City Youth Service
Whether it is through one-on-one tutoring at a public library or through valuable classroom assistance such as at the Midland Youth Hub, our volunteers are an important part of Western Australia's adult literacy scene.

Swan City Youth Service

At the Swan City Youth Service, North Metropolitan TAFE provides a high-quality education programme for disengaged youth from the Midland area.

These students come from a variety of backgrounds and start the course with a wide range of educational challenges. Many students have to manage ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, anxiety, depression and have different social and emotional needs.

To support these students, we have 7 volunteer tutors from Read Write Now that help out as well as other volunteers. We could not run this programme without the amazing efforts of the Read Write Now volunteers. They are paired with a student for half a day per week and they provide the one on one support the students need to move forward with their education. It could be as simple as helping the student to focus, or as complex as helping a student to develop maths, reading, writing or digital skills. 

Our Read Write Now volunteers make a huge difference and I would like to thank George, Cornelia, Melissa, Lauren, Lin, Cecily, Ann and our non RWN volunteers Leanne and Claire. 

Chris Hodson, Lecturer ASL1

TUTOR STORY - Lauren Tassell

I have been a RWN tutor for about 6 years and have been assisting with tutoring/mentoring the Outreach education students at the Midland Youth Hub for 12 months now.  

As I work from home in my own business, as a mental health counsellor and tutor, I'm able to assist one or two days per week where required at these community based centres.  I've worked with people from all age groups, but I think having some mental health background and experience, together with my tutoring skills, really helps.  

I have found working with the youth the last 12 months has been very rewarding and satisfying to me personally.  I am always eager for new challenges and to see some of these struggling youths, faces light up when they realise they have understood something, or achieved a goal, which they didn't even know they wanted or needed in the first place...well it's priceless to me!