Help Others

Help Others

As a Read Write Now volunteer you may choose to become a tutor or offer your skills in another role.

Are you interested in sharing your love of reading and writing? Do you have skills or knowledge that could help others?

There is great satisfaction in helping someone to keep their job, or obtain work when the literacy barrier once seemed impossible. Many students in colleges do well with the hands-on course component but their literacy prevents them from succeeding. Tutors take pride in supporting 'their' student and turn their life around. Of course this has the flow-on effect of reading to children, helping with schoolwork and giving the next generation greater opportunities.

Read Write Now is looking for volunteers to support adult learners who want to improve their reading, writing, basic numeracy and/or IT skills. Our students come from all walks of life and thus we need tutors from all walks of life. No prior teaching experience is needed as tutors participate in a stimulating and enjoyable training program and receive ongoing training and support from the Program*. Your relationship with your student is what matters most so we look for tutors who are good communicators, non-judgmental, not 'set in their ways', have good literacy skills to share and are willing to work in a two-way learning partnership. 

Due to the majority of our students being over 25 years of age, we prefer tutors who are 22 and older. Feedback from students tells us that having a tutor older than them with some life experience assists them to look beyond short-term goals and see wider opportunities in their own lives.

*We do ask that volunteers have the basic IT skills to undertake a combination of online and face-to-face training and that those skills will enable you, if necessary, to work online with a student.  

RWN Tutors Tell Their Story                                        

The journey of being a tutor has
been a blast for me every step of the way. 
Initially I lacked the courage
to help others but I knew I wanted
to give back somehow. - Sean, tutor


Other ways to support us

  • Illustration (for adult reading books)
  • Marketing (creative ideas to promote the awareness of RWN and adult literacy)
  • Workshop presentation (ongoing Professional Development is offered to all tutors)
  • Submission writing for awards
  • Film and photography
  • Specifically computer literacy
  • Specifically maths and numeracy
  • General IT support
  • Donate to Community Adult Literacy Foundation. Funds raised by CALF directly support the purchase of resources and equipment used by our tutors and students.


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