Numeracy Links

Numeracy Links
Free Printable Worksheets
Over 6000 free printable maths worksheets (with answers) on 'everything maths'- from a calendar to statistics concepts and calculations. American.

Skills Workshop
Lessons crafted around numeracy/maths concepts such as Alcohol Units or Wimbledon Facts & Figures. Free printable 'Resources' which cover more than you could do in 1 tutoring session. UK.

Top Drawer
This resource is unique in that it offers such a comprehensive approach to its various topics that you might feel too overwhelmed to use it! Topics are: Fractions, Mental Computation, Patterns, Reasoning, Statistics, Geometric Reasoning. Each topic is developed by an Australian university academic and mapped to Australian school years. Each topic offers an exposition of inherent 'Big Ideas', an explanation of common Misunderstandings, a guide to Good Teaching and Assessment, as well as Activities (the worksheets), Games & Downloads. Probably not the place to go if you want something in a hurry!


Teaching Image
Made for 7 to 11 year olds. Very clear, well-designed printable free worksheets covering primary school maths concepts, from Reading Clocks to Graph Coordinates. UK. 

Interactive Sites

Maths centre (New Zealand)
As listed above-but also: interactive games and calculators.

IXL Maths
Interactive Online Maths Questions: Pre-school (eg, Shape, Top/Bottom) to Year 12 Maths (eg, Quadratic equations, Probabilities). A nice feature is that when you scroll over each topic, a sample question appears (helping you to see what's contained, before you click the link).UK.

Basic Mathematics
From kindergarten number concepts to Trigonometry and Statistics, this site teaches and assesses maths in a clear and logical way, as well as some worksheets. Site can be slow due to ads. There is a Nursing Maths section, Math Games, and more. American.

BBC Skillswise
"Practical common sense maths for adults." An 'oldie but goodie'. Numbers, Shapes, Calculations, Percent & Fractions,Graphics and Statistics - very easy to navigate.

Topic Specific

Literacy Face to Face
Read Write Now was one of the reference groups that contributed to this publication. It has been developed to assist volunteer adult literacy tutors (and was used in our Tutor Training). The full document in PDF form can be downloaded at no charge.  Section 8 is dedicated to tutoring numeracy.

Money Smart
An Australian site from ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). It can be a bit visually overwhelming! Everything to do with money: budget planner, buying a mobile, buying a car, mortgage calculator, super calculator, retirement planner, scams, borrowing and credit, an audio caution about using ATMs in various indigenous languages, "Money musts before you die'! and so much more.

Reports, Statistics & Professional Development

Skilling Numeracy Practitioners

2013. UK opinion piece, in response to Australian report: 'Seeking the N in LLN' (2013), which can be downloaded from a link on this page.

Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) Results

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) presentation of both literacy & numeracy skill levels from 2011-12