RWN Coordinators

RWN Coordinators

All of the resources you need as a coordinator can be found here.

Administration Forms


Car log - mileage claim. RWN Coordinator km claim. Please send this form into Central Office at least once a quarter.

Coordinators are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in relation to the role of coordinating the Program in their area.

Out-of-pocket expenses cover travel claims when Coordinators use their own vehicle. Due to limited funding we encourage Coordinators to ensure that students and tutors travel to the Coordinator's office for interviews where possible. Car parking fees can also be claimed.

A $30 per month contribution can be made towards home phone/internet accounts when your provider's tax invoice(s) is submitted.

Postage and miscellaneous stationery (including printer toner) will be reimbursed.


Records, including receipts and invoices must be kept as proof of expenses incurred. Please note your eftpos/credit card slip is not sufficient. You need to submit the retailer's itemised docket.

Coordinators who are also tutoring are not paid mileage to travel to a tutoring session.

As our funding consists of taxpayer dollars we have to give due consideration to what we can and cannot purchase. So please-

- Do not purchase alcohol, flowers or gifts
- Do purchase catering supplies for tutor meetings
- Do not use reward program cards, the fuel vouchers, etc off receipts being submitted to RWN

Although we would like it to be different, tutors unfortunately, are not reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses

(Get more information on this in the Coordinator Manual or by making a quick call to Central Office, we are happy to guide you)

Interview and Training

The Read Write Now Interview and Training forms listed below can be downloaded and printed off for your convenience:

For Tutors
Tutor Interview Form 

The Tutor Information pack is given to the tutor on completion of the interview. It contains a Journeys magazine and the orange DL sized Coordinator contact flyer (both available from Central Office) plus the two handouts below:

Why we do what we do

What happens after your interview

For Students
The Student Interview Form, Student Placement Form and the Compulsory and Optional Levels 1-3 Reading Tasks are now available for Coordinators to download and print. Some of the Optional Reading Tasks use colour images. If you require Central Office to print off these pages, please contact us. The forms are in a pdf format and if you wish to have them as Word documents, again please contact us and we will email them to you.

Student Interview Form

2022 Student Interview Telephone Version

2020 Student Placement

Compulsory Reading Tasks (Inferential) LEVELS 1 - 3

Level 1 Optional Reading Tasks

Level 2 Optional Reading Tasks

Level 3 Optional Reading Tasks


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