6 FEB 2024

RWN Student Support

Studying can be challenging, so it’s important to access assistance to support your learning and to make sure you enjoy your student life. The Read Write Now program offers free one-on-one help from trained volunteer tutors who teach according to individual circumstances and needs. You will meet with your tutor for about an hour and a half each week in a public venue or online.

Do you need help with your studies? 
Are literacy skills holding you back?
Do you want to improve your reading, writing, maths or basic computer skills?

Your tutor will work closely with you on setting and achieving your study goals. Your individualised study sessions are a faster track to success by:

- Improving reading, writing, maths, computer and study skills
- Helping with academic writing skills
- Assisting with self-directed ways of learning
- Managing study workload and meeting deadlines
- Setting short-term and long-term study goals
- Supporting disadvantaged learners and students with learning difficulties
- Providing study support

The Read Write Now program is for adults aged 18 years and over. Adults from overseas need to be permanent residents with reasonable spoken English. No referral needed. Interested students only need to call 1800 018 802

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