Rights & Responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities

Many of our adult students have felt a sense of failure in their past education. It is essential that tutors are fully aware of their responsibilities to help ensure the success of each student.

Tutor Job Description

  • Complete the initial training course prior to being matched with a student
  • Commit adequate time to developing lessons for your student
  • Meet with your student once a week for 1-2 hours
  • Fulfil the reporting requirements of the Program
  • Attend ongoing Professional Development
  • Uphold the policies of the Program


Tutor Responsibilities

  1. Treat students with respect and be sensitive to their self esteem and learning needs
  2. Plan and prepare lessons in consultation with your student to ensure they are suited to their interests and abilities
  3. Aim to develop the student's confidence and responsibility for their own learning 
  4. Engage in ongoing literacy learning training 
  5. Remember that all personal information is strictly confidential 
  6. Maintain frequent and regular contact with your Coordinator and notify them when changes occur 
  7. Be dependable and notify your student in advance if you are unable to keep an appointment 
  8. Notify your student and your Coordinator in advance if you are planning to go away or discontinue tutoring
  9. Commit to the Program for at least 12 months 
  10. Provide your Coordinator with statistics as required 
  11. Discuss with your student their goals for future learning and assist them with their planning 
  12. Uphold the policies of Read Write Now


Tutor Rights

  1. To experience job satisfaction
  2. To receive all relevant information including a full student assessment to help you perform your duties more confidently and competently 
  3. To receive training, support and feedback as required
  4. To have access to teaching resources and materials 
  5. To have the support and respect of your Coordinator, co-workers and the staff of Read Write Now 
  6. To be given protection in the form of insurance and personal safety 
  7. To have confidentiality from the Program about your own personal details 
  8. To be well briefed on the organisation and informed of new developments 
  9. To ask for a new student after the initial trial period if a match is not appropriate