12 MAY 2023

National Volunteer Week 2023

National Volunteer Week held in mid-May culminated with the Read Write Now Skills Workshop Day. The event was a wonderful opportunity to meet, celebrate and recognise our Read Write Now tutors’ expertise and commitment to world-wide improved literacy skills, digital confidence and awareness.

About 40 tutors from all metro regions attended the Skills Workshop Day on Saturday 20th May. The workshops generated thoughtful reflection and conversation, inspired best tutoring practice and provided an opportunity for networking and renewal of peer support.

Clinical neuropsychologists from ADHD WA informed on brain function/stimulation, recognised behaviours and strategies to support addressing living with ADHD.David Bass’ professional learning on “Questioning Skills - Where to from here?” was as popular as ever. David always stimulates teaching and learning practices and challenges with value-added processes, strategies and innovative ideas. Clare Harris’ new e-Book Club Readers were a hit with tutors eager to implement engaging reading strategies in a relevant, stimulating, semi-social setting.

The Tutor Share generated a gutsy exchange of practical strategies and ideas using familiar and easily accessible games for practice in reading, vocabulary and writing; a short discussion on digital literacy and online teaching; and trusty go-to revision activities.

Thank you to our amazing, dedicated RWN volunteers, who give their time and energy to make change in our community.

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